What DO’s and DON’Ts of Pop Traffic

Pop is a popular traffic type for newbies and pros alike. Below are some do’s and don’ts that, when used appropriately, can help you maximize profits and minimize losses.



DO test multiple bids from the start. 3-5 camps at staggered bids to see which one give the best ROI.

DO use a self-hosted tracker if doing volume. A hosted-for-you tracker that charge by events can be significantly more expensive than a self-hosted tracker when you start doing volume on pop.

DO be aggressive if allowed. Check with both your affiliate network and your traffic source first to make sure you’re not breaking rules.

DO test low-competition geos first. Geos with lower average bids and fewer advertisers. Asia, Africa, & LATAM America are gold!

DO run broad-appeal offers. Important as pop traffic is non-targeted.

DO consider testing multiple offers from the start to increase your chances of finding a good one. Also test same offer on different networks, and different offer landers for the same offer.

DO get rid of bad placements.

DO start your own global blacklist. Some placements just won’t convert! Consider adding them to your global blacklist and apply it to future campaigns (thanks kepe95).

DO optimize landers for loading speed. Use a CDN and optimize lander code.

DO test back button and popunder scripts. Split-test direct to the offer / scarcity popup on same lander / a new lander and offer entirely (thanks to dazed1).

DO test popular landers that look different, to establish benchmark stats. Then beat them with your custom landers. Do some manual spying or a spy tool such adplexity..

DO make landers attention-grabbing. Turn the visitor’s focus from what they were doing to your lander and offer.

DO test other available ad formats. e.g. pop & redirect traffic at zeropark; popunders/popups/tabunders/tabups at popads.

DO verify lead quality before scaling. Especially important for pop traffic!

DO actively ask for pay bumps. A natural thing to ask following a lead quality check.

DO use traffic network tracking tokens to help you optimize your campaign. You can find tracking tokens here (thanks to mitesh muley).



DON’T scrimp on infrastructure! A shared 10$ server won’t fit the bill if 50k impressions per hour are hitting (thanks sebastian_r!)

DON’T be afraid to test high bids, because you may get higher conversion rates as well. Set a low budget!

DON’T start mass-cutting without improving your funnel first. When a good chunk of your traffic is profitable, cut anything that doesn’t give you the ROI you want.

DON’T cut anything without drilling down into data.

DON’T dismiss low-payout offers. They can make good money if the target geo has cheap traffic prices that convert well.

DON’T turn off your frequency cap, at least in the beginning. 1/24 hours for example is a good start.

DON’T be cheap when it comes to getting proper translations! Use OHT for speed or Fiverr for cheap pricing.


Pop Sources to Try:

Mainstream pop networks:

Networks with adult pop traffic:


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Back-button Tracking with voluum!

I made a general tutorial for you, please take a look and adjust it for your needs. If something is unclear let me know.

Let’s say we’ve got a campaign called ‘Normal Campaign’, and on the lander, there’s a backbutton script – preventing the user from leaving our Landing Page, and instead redirecting him to another landing page.

If he converts from the second landing page, we want to know, which campaign/landing page he originally entered.

So, we have to create a secondary Campaign, and a secondary Traffic Source. Let’s call the Campaign ‘After Backbutton Campaign’, and the traffic source ‘Traffic Source Especially For Backbutton’.

The ‘After Backbutton Campaign’ has to be technically set up as one of the offers for ‘Normal Campaign’. In general, our traffic flow should look like this:

Let’s jump right into it and for a good start create the ‘Traffic Source Especially For Backbutton’’ as follows:

As you see, we have defined 2 custom variables, and that’s how we are going to pass the data from one campaign to another.

Now, let’s create ‘After Backbutton Campaign’:

Now we have to create an Offer that will only redirect the user to the ‘After Backbutton Campaign’, let’s call it ‘BackButtonRedirect’.

Please notice that we have campaign.id={campaign.id}&lander.id={lander.id} in the URL pointing to ‘After Backbutton Campaign’.

Now, let’s finally properly configure our ‘Normal Campaign’:

That’s it. With all that configured properly, while redirecting user from one campaign to another, Voluum will append that first campaign’s ID and lander ID to the URL, and the second campaign will ‘catch’ this information and show it in reports.

This way, you will be able to know, where the BackButton Redirect script is the most effective.

To see it in reports, adjust your report groupings accordingly:

And that’s it. Enjoy

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Using FB Pixel Conversion Tracking More Effectively

Introduction: News flash: Facebook has had a new pixel for quite some time and it is great, in many ways. Any tech-savvy marketer or developer knows this, and they are probably using it effectively. For those of you who are … Continue reading

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The Mindset For Success

The most important part of success in affiliate marketing isn’t your knowledge, or your bankroll, or your connections.

It’s your mindset.

So before we go any further with the practical side of setting up your first campaign, you need to get the mindset right.

It’s Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight, It’s The Size Of The Fight In The Dog

The most important factor in your success as an affiliate marketer is determination.

Affiliate marketing is not easy.

You’ll get confused.

You’ll have big failures.

You’ll wonder if you can do this.


Time and time again, we’ve seen that it’s not the smartest or most knowledgable people who succeed as affiliate marketers – it’s the people who won’t give up.

It’s OK To Fail

You are going to try a lot of things that don’t work.

That’s perfectly OK. It’s the nature of affiliate marketing that you 90% of what you try doesn’t work – but the other 10% makes up for that.

When I started affiliate marketing, I completely flopped at it. Failed for months. Then, one day, I tried a new campaign – and that new campaign suddenly made me $x,xxx.

That’s the same for everyone. Ask any of the moderators or senior members on Stack That Money – they’ll all tell you that even today, when they try to master a new traffic source or vertical, they’re going to have to go through a lot of failure to get to success.

Keep Working. Keep Launching.


There are so many traffic sources out there! So many verticals! So many offers! You’ve got to test them all, right?


Success in affiliate marketing comes from focus.

There are more profit opportunities out there than anyone can possibly tap in a single career. But success comes from focusing on one of those profit opportunities, and understanding it fully.

Focus on a single traffic source, and a single vertical. Learn its quirks.

Learn how to get cheap clicks.

Learn how the userbase thinks.

Learn what ads work and don’t work.

The people who jump around from adult to mobile to POF to Facebook before they get anything working are the ones who don’t get anywhere.

Over and over again, the affiliates who succeed are the ones who commit to a single part of affiliate marketing and master it.

What To Do Now

Sit down and make a commitment with yourself that you’re going to spend a solid period of time launching campaigns every day on the same traffic source.

You don’t have to choose a traffic source yet – just make that deal with yourself that no matter how grim it looks, you’re going to stick to your course until you find success.

If possible, actually write it down on paper, or email it to yourself. Stick a print-out on your wall. Whatever it takes to remind you that you’re in this to win.

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Direct Linking in Facebook Ads!

Facebook Direct linking

Facebook Direct linking

You probably couldn’t use direct linking to CPA offers like email submit offers…  even using your own domain in facebook ads.
After the campaign it’s approved, you probably try to edit the url link of the ad to direct linking, but you couldn’t use the url for direct linking to promote in facebook in that way!

Here’s the reason of this behavior:

You are going to run into troubles with FaceBook if you direct links to CPA offers, you probably going to get banned sooner than later.

Your tracking domain is just doing a redirect in that case, and your domain name is not part of the equation. FaceBook looks at the final destination.

The biggest problem is this:
Pretty much all CPA offers are for a particular set of countries. FaceBook editors may or may NOT be in those countries. The affiliate networks, ALWAYS, redirect visitors that are not in the allowed countries to different offers – and pretty much all the time those offers are not compliant with FB policies. So, for example, you may advertise a CPA offer for homeowners, but an FB editor may see a survey offer for something like “Make money online” instead because you’re not in the list of allowed countries for the homeowners offer.


Ps: Don’t forget to leave us a comment if you like the post!

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How To Get Accepted by CPA Networks

I’ve seen some folks actually need a bit-by-bit guide the way to get
approved by CPA networks.

When I was initial started with affiliate selling, I didn’t even have a
website that CPA networks “love” to check. nevertheless I’ve been approved by
practically each major CPA network that I actually have applied to.

Read and apply my steps, you shouldn’t have a tangle obtaining approved
by most of the networks you apply to.

Sign Up With CPA Networks

For every CPA networks, you would like to point out them an honest web site to urge
approved. It should be you own website, a couple of networks would force you to
show possession of your web site before they’ll approve your application.

My friend received this message from Azoogle once he applied:

“If your domain(s) square measure in private registered, you may have to be compelled to email U.S.A. a
receipt from your domain registrar or a screenshot of your on-line
management panel—something showing the name and your name
and address—so that we will verify possession…..”

As long as it’s your own web site, it may be a completely unrelated web site
to show them, this does not matter.

When I was initial started, I showed them my personal web site. I used
that “unrelated’ website to use to a couple of networks and acquire approved
without any issues.

When you fill out the affiliate form, there’s typically a field
where you’ll be able to place any message for the directors United Nations agency can review
and approve your application.

Tell them you’re planning to run PPC direct linking thus your web site isn’t
really all that applicable.

Make it sound like you’re a seasoned CPA trafficker. Tell them you’re
already with a couple of different networks and somebody same one thing sensible
about them, thus you would like to do out their offers.

Build a website to point out CPA Networks

If you don’t have a website and you’re too lazy to make one from scratch,
there is a brief cut.

I’ve a trifle trick wherever you get to line up knowledgeable web site in five

It’s easy and quick.

You transfer a free script, transfer it to your hosting, a couple of clicks additional
and you are done. It provides you an excellent website that the majority networks “love”.
Last year, i attempted this with Azoogle and that i was approved in twenty four hours!

If you would like this small script, pm Pine Tree State and i am going to send it to you free. For this
method to figure, you would like to urge a site name and acquire it hosted.

(Edit: guys, the script does not work any longer to urge you approved in 2010.
Like i discussed during this thread, at some point it will simply get saturated, so the
best option is to make a novel web log (using WP), and order some PLR
articles to make up content.)

Call CPA Networks for quick Approval

After you’ve sent in your application, you must receive their reply in
a short whereas.

Normally they’ll send a message to you thru Associate in Nursing autoresponder. Read
their message, notice their number and decision them in real time.

This is what you would like to mention over the phone:

“Hi, I’ve simply signed up as Associate in Nursing affiliate, and that i need to speak to Associate in Nursing affiliate
manager to urge Pine Tree State approved”

When you’re on the road with Associate in Nursing Affiliate Manager, tell him/her you’ve simply
sent in your application and you’d appreciate if he will get you
approved as presently as doable so you’ll be able to send traffic.

They might raise you a couple of easy queries like however did you discover them, how
do you drive traffic, what offers does one commit to run with them etc….

Tell them your fellow members from somebody Forum advocate them. A
couple of members there square measure having some success with their offers and
you’re reaching to check a number of those offers together with your traffic.

Tell them you’re a ppc trafficker and you are doing direct to businessperson pay per clicks.

This is sufficient to “convince” them you recognize your stuff and to urge you

From My personal experience if You are a newbie and You are ready to work in CPA industry , You must begin with networks like CPAWAY ,
It is a very good network , Fast approval and they will make you update with daily new Mobile & desktop offers to your Mail .
I highly recommend this network.
Click HERE to sign up

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Can I get started in CPA marketing with ZERO investment ? YES YOU CAN !

Most of the affiliate marketers are talking about how much you need for testing and hosting and domain etc , most of them gonna say that you need 1000$ as a minimum investment for start making money online , But how did they actually start their affiliate project ? Did they really spent thousand as newbies ? Is it really so?

The truth is there are lots of internet marketers who was just having an internet connection , a computer system and Facebook account and they did success and got rich online . How did they do it ?

Although the online world promises a lot of riches and particularly CPA Affiliate Marketing; however, this does not mean that you can start your online venture with zero investment.

The truth is plain and simple.

There is no such get-rich-quick formula in the online world.

But If you have zero investment it’s not the end of the world because there’s many ways you can start with , for example you can start blogging earn some cash with google adsense then you can use that money to start your affiliate marketing journey ! You have no Idea about blogging ?

Do you have some skills at translating , designing or Drawing etc.. ? if yes you can start your small business at fever.com ! Make some cash , buy a Facebook ad coupon with only 5$ in fever, and start your first CPA campaign !

Like any other offline business, you need to do your efforts and invariably need to supplement your efforts with adequate capital investment.

CPA offers a huge earning potential to the internet marketers. Great success stories have already been written. There are lots of e-entrepreneurs who have successfully done CPA marketing and have become millionaires.

However, the bottom line is clear. You need to prepare yourself for doing investment in order to start and run CPA Affiliate Marketing.
So how much investment you need to start CPA Affiliate Marketing?

-You could start out with squeeze-pages and an autoresponder. Use the autoresponder service to create a squeezepage for free. 
You can buy a domain and hosting if you think that’s a better solution.
How to promote: Forums Youtube Facebook
Offer a free rapport and after opt-in they´ll be send directly to a related cpa offer then you build a list and make money when they opt-in…
So you could start out for $50 or so, and if you take the cheap approach …you can start out without spending a dime.

-You can start CPA marketing for free by building up a blog around a specific niche and use SEO.

As for the budget if you want to start right away I would say put 10 bucks into each offer to test it out and see how your headlines and ad copy converts for that particular traffic.

Definitely go with mobile too since it is cheap so you will get a more bang for your buck!

Remember one thing if you did choose to start your CPA journey with zero investment you really need to work hard , Free methods are the hardest ways.

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Some questions newbies ask are answered by our team .PART1.

1. How do I get started with affiliate marketing if I am a complete newbie?

The best way to get started is to get to know more about the affiliate marketing program how it works spending some days reading about it will be very good for you as a newbie , read about other affiliates journeys and get in touch with them and with people like you , There are plenty of free and paid forums/ebooks “teaching” programs out there, get a look at it and never stop reading about cpa , Do a simple google search and you will come across a ton of marketing blogs offering a very good information for you . Everything you need to get started is already out there for free if you just look for it.

2. Do I need to spend money to make money with affiliate marketing?

It’s is not necessary to start with a big budget, but Yes there is always going to be at least a minimal investment ( website , hosting , domain etc .. ) . some of the very famous affiliate marketers now , their budget was 0$ when they was new to the Making money online industry , my personal opinion is that free methods are hard , not easy and waste of your time , Paid Traffic are the Fastest way to begin to earn a living online.

3.Suppose I already have a website or blog with decent traffic. How can I use affiliate marketing to monetize my site?

For example if I had a website or blog , I will study audience’s group age , let’s say 15-22 years old are the group ages of my visitors , I will ask my Affiliate manager about what particular offers might be working well for this demographic , or study my website contents if my website was talking about relationships and love stories , I will promote dating offers for example, The point is you need to know your demographic.

4. Do you start by choosing an offer, and then building a website/email list/PPC campaign around it, or the other way around (i.e., first build a website or email list and then try to find suitable offers)?

Personally, I choose offers am going to promote then other steps, If you want to choose an offer you should keep in mind, what you like to promote and what people like to see.
And never choose an offer that already being pushed by a ton of affiliates, it is hard to find but trust me it is much easier to promote and make money .

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The Power of facebook pages


You may heard about traffic source from advetising networks, such as google AdWords Facebook ads, how mush it’s expensive , Unfortunately this is a unavoidable reality, I’m not here to tell you that you can’t make money ,if you are a beginner or looking for an permanent traffic source with a low cost, high conversion , with the highest quality leads, high ROI , then this is the right place to take advantage in, this IS your luck day.

1- Facebook pages:

The secret for what I mentioned above is Facebook pages traffic source.

if you don’t have a page, or you don’t know how to get Facebook page with high conversion , one of the solutions for this is trying to buy a FB page from owners.

– First thing you need to know before buying a page, you need to know how much followers, page interaction, and similar important things.

Talk to Facebook page admins, make deals with them, only after they show you how mush traffic comes to the page and all the information , try to make a good deal, as an example:

try to make a deal with a facebook page owner, this page has more than 30.000 followers and a respected visitors interaction… pay to him 100 – 150 USD as price for that page, a facebook page with mush followers and high interaction is the best way for you if you want promote offers for targeting high quality customers.

what you should do:

you need to own as mush as possible of pages with mush followers and high interaction.

the result of this, you gonna have a permanent traffic source for current and future offers, traffic source for websites and all kinda stuff..
the lesson here is that when you will need a traffic source for the next offer in the same kind, you will find that you already have a successful high traffic source… you can promote your offer in it.

So instead of paying every time to an advertising network (google AdWords, leadimapct, facebook ads…), it’s kinda every time you have comping you pay to get visitors for your selected offers with low quality customers and expensive costs.

if you try what I mentioned here,You will find your self already have a traffic source with high customers conversion.

2 – Example Scenario:

– Supposed I have a facebook page about “naruto anime”, with respected interaction (post clicks, shares…), I’m not gonna talk here about how you could improve your facebook page, we gonna have another topic in the future about it, be waiting.

– Supposed I have a “naruto game download” offer..

– Now I’m gonna promote my offer in the facebook page as mentioned before, by publishing a post, offer, event.. I’m gonna try something like “discover the best naruto 3d game,”
when they click in it, they will be redirect to a magnet landing page I own, ask them for email to submit, after submit email, user download this game, and here we go.

Do you see the power here? Instead of making value per visitor and losing them forever, with facebook pages you could reach more customers than before!

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make the best conversion and CTR

in this article we gonna try to go through some of the best ways to get as much as you can of conversion and make your CTR grow higher and higher.


the secret is in the landing page , the landing page should be as simple as possible no fancy things and by that i mean no flash , one or two pics are more than enough with three to four lines of words , and should contain all the necessary information the visitor need so our conversion will go up as the CTR grows , so make sure to fill the gaps the client is missing , using your landing page , all the idea of a landing page is that , filling the gaps and make the visitors will prepared to make the action (submit email , download game ….) so our conversion grow .

in case you see that the client will explained the action the visitor should make then you won’t need a landing page , you can use a direct link , but make sure your ad explains in short what you want from those who see it , or in this case you will get clicks from the traffic source , and after the visitor lands in the web site instead of making the right action he/she may get confused because the ad placed different idea compared to what the web site saying (what means low conversion = loss of money) .

as a conclusion , there is no such thing as magic here , all you need is to follow certain steps and you will get the results you hope for , and more you go deep in this domain more experience you get .

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