49 Immediately Implementable Copywriting frameworks/structures/tips

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Finally after 13+ hours of work I have come up with a comprehensive summary of all the copy writing tips/tricks and techniques I could find in Ca$hvertizing I present to you my summary which is written in a way such that you can immediately start applying and benifiting from it. So without further ado:

1) People do not care about others they care about themselves:
– Show them the benefits of using your product for them
2) There are 8 biological forces that create desire in us which in turn makes us take action:
i) Survival,*enjoyment*of*life,*life*extension
ii) Enjoyment*of*food*and*beverages
iii) Freedom*from*fear,*pain,*and*danger
iv) Sexual*companionship
v) Comfortable*living*conditions
vi) To*be*superior,*winning,*keeping*up*with*the Joneses
vii) Care*and*protection*of*loved*ones
viii) Social*approval
– Use them to create desire and show them how to relinquish it with your product/service.

3) Tap into existing fears of people
– Scarcity is a form of fear use it: (Scarcity will grab attention of your prospect, however you still need to close the sale), It also implies exclusivity.
– 4 phase fear technique:
i) Instill Fear in them, but not so much that they feel helpless (Deer in the headlight)
ii) Make a recommendation that can help overcome the fear (must be believable and specific)
iii) How and why, what you recommend is a potent strategy against the perceived fear
iv) The recipient must be able to believe he or she can pull off your strategy
4) Means-End:
– Show how what they are buying from you today will benefit them tomorrow. Example: This car will make a great impression on your future boss thus getting you a pay upgrade.
5) Add Credibility:
– Make someone of high value in the eyes of the customer vouch for your product. Something like: As seen on cnn, cnbc, bbc, etc.
6) Bandwagon Effect:
– Show them that a lot of people think that your product is good and like using it.
– Creating bandwagon effect:
i) Your product must show that it encompasses the values of a specific group. For instance, Gap (apparel store) clothes depict youthful trendiness with bold designs, something that resonates well with the values of the teenage market.
ii) It must disassociate for all other demographics. For instance, Gap saying something like, For trendy young folks only!
7) Ego Morphing:
– Showing in your advertisement the desirable (DESIREABLE: what your target market & world feel are desirable) qualities that people would like to have. For example, a perfume advertisement will show a good looking man in nice suit sitting in a Rolls Royce and women sensually staring at him as he goes buy. Thus the advert is depicting Social acceptance something we all crave at an intrinsic level.
– If you want to attract a male audience use a man as the object you put in your advertisement and vice versa for women. Because men look more closely to men and vice versa.
8) Trans theoretical Model:
– Different Consumers may be in Different buying phase and, we need to address this. First let me tell you the 5 phases:
i) Unaware: They are unaware of your existence or they are not needing your product
iii) They are contemplating using your product
iv) Preparation: Thinking about buying
v) Purchase Happens
vi) Maintenance phase: they continue buying from you
– We can use two strategies:
i) Make an ad that targets consumers of all 5 stages
ii) We can make an add for phase 1, then 2 and on an on periodically and systematically target each phase.
9) Inculcation Theory:
– Tell them something that is against their belief or that they do not want to believe and tell them that ‘some people’ say this. (Maybe they believe in magic weight loss pills and you can tell them that FDA says they don’t work)
– Proceed to tell them that they actually do not want you to know the truth (the truth is the customers preexisting belief) (shhhh…. The 1 big fat loss secret FDA does not want you to know)
– Proceed to reinforce their previous beliefs and offer your product (no, weight loss pills are the only way to lose weight!)

10) Changing their reality:
– Change their outlook on your product:
i) Reinforce some previously held beliefs and add some on top (If they believe weight loss pills really work say: Yes, weight loss pills are the way to go, but did you know that they are only 30% useful if they are not used synergistically with our product x)
ii) Attack a preconceived notion that they may have by giving sheer statistics, facts and social proof (Bandwagon effect). (They do not believe in weight loss pills: Show them testimonials, show them studies of people losing weight, etc) -> This method is harder then the first, People hate to believe what they have being believing for a long time is wrong.
11) Central VS Peripheral route:
– Central route Selling: Uses our conscious mind more, tries to give rational arguments for buying like facts, stats, testimonials. Example: Insurance policy. If you can logically convince someone that you are selling something valuable to them, they will be your customer for a long, long time.
– Peripheral route Selling: Uses subconscious mind more; uses images to stir up our core desires. Example: Designer Goods
12) C.L.A.A.R.C.S:
– Comparison: Create a product that signifies “club/group membership” (Refer to Bandwagon Effect above)
– Linking: People buy more from people/product/advertisements they like (Be Likeable!)
– Reciprocation: Give out things of value to customers for free and they will come back and buy from you
– Authority: Have someone credible vouch for your product (Same as Point 3)
– Consistency Bias/Foot in the door technique: Get the to say yes in multiple small things and they will inevitably say yes to a large favor, its like snow ball effect. (Example: Do you want to be fit? Yes, Do you want have rock hard ab’s? Yes, Do you want hot chicks to be drooling all over you? Yes, Well than try out this free pill. Ok! Cha ching $$$ )
– Scarcity
13) K.I.S.S: keep it simple stupid:
– The masses are not ultra smart and savvy. Your copy must have simple words, be easy to read (good font choices), and should be organized in a dummy friendly way

14) Example Vs Statistics:
– Much Like peripheral vs central route:
– Examples: The example of benefits of using your product/service.
– Stats: you know what those are!
– We use both, more of one than the other, depending on the item being sold:
– Examples of each kind of product:
i) Example Product: Beer: You will show young good looking people having a great time (The only stat you will show here is maybe % of alcohol). Other examples: tanning salon, lingerie shop, ETC
ii) Statistic Product: Laser Printer: Show them lots of stats on why they should buy.
15) Dual role persuasion:
– Tell them about your competition: Don’t bad mouth them, just tell them about their products maybe even put in a complement somewhere and then calmly proceed to talk about your product and how it is better for the consumers (Do not hyper exaggerate just be like their product is not bad in fact it did great in the 90’s however in the 21st century we provide the most efficient solution, blah blah blah….)
– Don’t be afraid to call out the sort of person who you do not want your product to have (This Also creates some kind of scarcity: Face it we all want what we cannot have )
16) Repetition:
– Repeat your message but phrase it differently to hammers the point home.
– Another way of looking at this can be Maybe have multiple ads with same core message but different creative/copy.
17) Evidence of Value:
– Prove to them that what you are providing in value is much more than what they are paying, e.g. would you buy a $100 bill in a see through plastic bag for $10 if I were to sell it to you? Of course!
– Make the value of the benefits easy to understand and imagine
18) Rhetorical Questions: Use rhetorical question disguised as statements to re-establish/emphasize a point which makes them consider the advertisers message/ e.g. Aren’t you glad you used product x, who else will give you a better deal on financing.
19) Psychology of simplicity:
– Make your message easy for the masses to understand:
– No fancy vocabulary
– Refer to point 11
– Reduce:
Long sentences, long paragraphs, long words
– Ask questions to create loops and keep people interested. (loop: when you ask a question the other person unconsciously starts looking for answers to it)
Would you like to know how to become a copywriting genius? Read on
– Be Personal with them:
Use first person pronouns; YOU & I
20) Use Feature Benefit Pairs:
– Answers the WIIFM question (What’s in it for me) for the consumer
– Tell the feature of a product and what it means for them i.e. the benefit.
– Feature: 700 HP engine, Benefit: Feel the thrill each time you press the gas!
– Practice writing enticing benefits
21) Headlines:
– Have your biggest benefit as your headline
– It should catch attention of target market: Use words, picture the target customers are familiar with and are looking for
– Write Shorter headlines. Rule -> 2 equally effective headline -> Shorter always converts better
– You can give a news presenter styles headline:
E.g. Scientists find the cure for flabby man boobs
– The headline should:
i) Hook them in (Get their attention)
ii) Want them to read/inquire more
22) Stand out and capture their attention:
– By having an ad that is different from competition
23) Specificity:
– Keep the benefits section nice and specific
– Tell exactly why your product is good/better
24) Oglivy Principle:
– Have a large picture and a headline under it as a caption
25) Do not write inverted ever! -> Never Do this
26) Social Proof:
– Use testimonials they’re powerful!!! (Bandwagon effect all the way baby!)
27) Guillotine Method:
– Give your message a face.
– Put a photo of someone as though that person is addressing prospects, this personalizes the message. Making it more human
28) Direct Mental Movies:
– Get your prospect using all 5 senses: V-A-K-O-G
– Crete strong internal representations of the prospect using the product
– Example: Just one look at our lush green grass will make your body relax, walking on it will feel like you are walking on feathers. Etc (Note I am engaging 2 senses of prospect here, the more the merrier)
– Use powerful visual adjectives to achieve this
29) Make it easy for them to take action:
– Humans and sloths are more alike than different
– Make it so easy that they just do it there and then without hesitation
– E.g amazon one click purchasing
30) Survey Sale approach
– Send out a survey, and put an irresistible offer at the end
– E.g how do you like our product? Then follow this us with: Thanks for filling our survey we want to offer you a 50% discount.
– However, try to make them convert there and then with the special offer (Make it time bound or something (use scarcity my dear!))
31) Establish Yourself as an authority in your industry:
– Give free knowledge tidbits to people
– Makes people trust you and, reciprocity buying begins because you helped them first
32) Unique Selling Proposition:
– Teach the consumer about the industry in a creative and fun way (Note: We humans like fun) and show how your product is special amongst the competition.
33) Use Pictures but wisely:
– Show the product in action
– Show the product in action giving benefits (a fan cooling a guy in the summer)
– They should be some connection between brand/message and picture
– Use picture in context. E.g. Don’t just put a picture of a fridge, put a picture of a fridge which is located in a beautiful kitchen (Use peripheral marketing you dummy)
34) Use attention grabbers:
– Put something in the beginning of the sales copy that reels a user in
– Dollar bill, sand bag.
– Use personal teasers, “Ibrahim is what they say true about you?”
– Give them a quick fix: “Learn how this pill can help you reduce 20% body fat”
– Start with a question: “Do you want to do x?” and proceed with writing down a killer benefit of doing x.
35) Offer testing:
– The market is like a living beast:
i) It accepts what it likes and rewards it with conversions
ii) It rejects what it does not like
– If it does not like how you are pitching your offer change it
– E.g. 50% off vs buy one get one free
36) Marketing Research:
– Is paramount
– Get customer feedback via surveys
– Make it easy for the customers to fill out the surveys/ give customer feedback
37) Long copy performs better than short copy:
– When it is interesting
38) Using editorial voice:
– Use the tone of a news reporter talking about a discovery
– Be objective though don’t go all out butt kissing your product
39) Guarantees are powerful:
– Increase the desire to believe your pitch
– Decrease skepticism of your product
– Give long and strong guarantees: Makes you more trustable and you have less product returns
40) More ads are better:
– Have more than one ad so that you may be noticed more
41) Humans Like coupons:
– Coupons create sales
– Give a coupon to them and see the magic happen
– We think that we are making a good choice when we are buying something using a coupon
42) Formula for size:
– The bigger the ad the more interest in generates but how big? See below:
– Size increase % = 100 * Factor you want your ads to increase interest by)^2
– E.g. if I want my ads to have thrice as much interest, I will Use 3 as my factor and the formula for size increase will be as follows:
Size increase % = 100* (3)^2
Size increase % = 100*9
Size Increase %= 900%
– Thus to generate 3 times as much buzz for my add I will have to increase its size to 900% of current size or in other words the ad need to be 9 times bigger.
43) Use colors to your advantage:
– Use good color combinations, use colors that complement each other
– Use red, green, yellow and blue
– Black and white pictures are good to demonstrate dramatic situations and intellectual stuff
– Use colors that are associated with brands like Red and white writing for Coca Cola, this triggers a subconscious response in the user.
44) Email Response Boosters:
– Send no more than 1 email a week
– They are more likely to open if:
i) They are familiar to the sender
ii) There is a personalized subject message (has name or something)
iii) The email has an offer that will interest them (Your email list needs to have your target market)
45) Even Odd Pricing:
– Even Pricing depicts quality
– Odd pricing:
i) Our brains like rounding up but to the lower digit. For example, our brain will read $9.99 as $9 not $10 thus justifying the offer as a lower price.
ii) Suggests that we are getting a good deal
46) Leave some white space around your ads
47) Give yourself a cleveroctomy:
– Your ads need not be clever or witty they need to sell and the Testing DATA will choose which ad is the best
– In advertising it is not clever being clever
48) Speak the language of the prospect:
– Like what they like, hate what they hate, this way they will start liking you (hint: people buy from people they like)
– Order the benefits of your product in descending order to how your prospects perceive them. So the biggest benefit that the prospect believes should be #1 on the list.
– Order them in the benefits section and throughout your copy the same way.

49) 12 step copy lure method:
– Follow these 12 steps to write copy
i) Continue you’re the thought you propagated in headline in the Sub headline
ii) Ask a question to the consumer (Maybe calling out doubt that might have entered the consumers mind)
iii) Then give a quote from a respected authority the the consumer trusts to answer that question
iv) Give them a free tip (A teaser from inside the course you are selling)
v) Challenge them to put it to action and see the results
vi) Tell them the story of a skeptical customer who became a true believer in the product once he tried it out
vii) Add social proof: Testimonials
viii) Play reporter: Use an objective tone of voice and talk about the products as a reporter would of a great discovery
ix) Get personal (Use You, you and you a lot) E.G. Would you like to use x, would you like to go to x, would you like to get x amount of money in 10 days.
x) Tell a dramatic success story about the product
xi) Give Detailed Specifications and feature
xii) Give the Call to Action

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