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What DO’s and DON’Ts of Pop Traffic

Pop is a popular traffic type for newbies and pros alike. Below are some do’s and don’ts that, when used appropriately, can help you maximize profits and minimize losses. ******************** DO’s: DO test multiple bids from the start. 3-5 camps … Continue reading

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Back-button Tracking with voluum!

I made a general tutorial for you, please take a look and adjust it for your needs. If something is unclear let me know. Let’s say we’ve got a campaign called ‘Normal Campaign’, and on the lander, there’s a backbutton … Continue reading

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Using FB Pixel Conversion Tracking More Effectively

Introduction: News flash: Facebook has had a new pixel for quite some time and it is great, in many ways. Any tech-savvy marketer or developer knows this, and they are probably using it effectively. For those of you who are … Continue reading

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